BHOSS researches, designs, develops, codes, transforms & implements emerging technologies to help organisations large and small. We create e-commerce sensor-aware mobile apps & prototype electronic IoT systems capable of seamlessly integrating business processes through cloud intermediaries. We can integrate your IT with the latest low-maintenance high-performance technologies from below the ground to above the sky.

- Are you wondering what the Internet of Things (IoT) is and what it can do for you?
- A successful business hitting a technological plateau?
- Want to move forward with minimum risk?
- Business suffering from rather than benefiting from its IT?
- New ideas that need to be integrated into your existing business?
- Change getting out of control?
- No longer truly connected to your customers?
- Getting feedback too little & too late?
- Want to automate but be in control by phone, text or email from anywhere?
- Need to move to 24/7/365 operation but put off by the cost?
- Want a reliable honest IT partner that will really make a difference?

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Incorporated in 1990, we have the knowledge, the knowhow, the knowwho. A risk-aware, over-arching but adventurous approach based on sound achievement and good judgement. You'll be amazed at the new possibilities & the speed at which we can deliver solutions.